Friday, October 26, 2012


There was A LOT of fun stuff going on with this project!

My customer was looking for a new bedroom set (nightstands are in the works). She knew she wanted the french provincial style, with a creamy base, light distressing, glazing and a dark stained top.  The challenge was finding 2 large pieces, that she liked and that were a set.  We never did.  What I decided to do was pair together 2 very similar pieces, using the same paint techniques, try to match the different wood tops the best I could and cross my fingers I could come through on my promise.

You can see in the before that these are SO CLOSE in style and shape.

She really like the gold finish by Valspar that I had on my hardware sample board.  If you know me, you know I love my fancy gold finishes, but after spraying the hardware, it just looked!  I got her ok to "antique" it a bit by using some of the burnt umber acrylic paint.

Below is the difference. 

So being the professional I am, I just squirt some right on my newspaper and went to work.  I made a new discovery along the way...spray paint makes an excellent nailpolish.  You can see on my thumb the gold I used.  It took a LOT of scrubbing to get that off!  God forbid I walk 3 feet to my workbench for gloves.  I'm a busy girl!

Any brown will work just fine.  just brush it on, getting into the groves and with a dry rag, wipe off as much as you want.  Seal with a protective clear coat when done.

 Much better:)

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  1. They totally look like they were a set! The curved front is an amazing detail....nice work girl!