Thursday, November 1, 2012


Seriously, how would you DIY'ers even get through your day without knowing these awesome tips I share with you?!?

I can't believe I didn't start using masking tape to tape off all my drawers and cabinet openings until just recently.  I was spending SO MUCH MONEY on blue painters tape and having serious "sticking" issues with it all along.  Nothing is more frustrating than to walk down to start working the next morning and seeing this...

So a few weeks ago while heading to Homey D to buy a few $800 rolls of blue painters tape I was noticing how much less the masking tape was, only about $400 a roll.  And the masking tape has "strong" adhesive as opposed to the "medium" strength like the blue tape. DUH!!! It's not like I am actually using this to make a PAINT line, just want something to stick!

Another life saving tip.  If you pull it off nice and slow, you can reuse a lot of the paper on the next set of drawers:)

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