Wednesday, October 8, 2014


For some reason, I am super picky about particular things, as we all are I suppose.  When searching for my new refrigerator, I found it very difficult to find one that did NOT have a water dispenser in the door, that was NOT counter depth (I had the room to go deep), was a side by side and had handles that at were at least close to my other  GE Cafe appliance handles.  This proved to be a very difficult task!

Because evidently I thrive on difficult, 'you can't get that', tasks…I was determined to figure something out!

This Whirlpool side by side had almost everything I liked, including the price of under $1000.  Unfortunately it did not have the fancy hardware I was looking for.  But that didn't stop me!

Someone mentioned that Jenn-Air owned Whirlpool.  I liked Jenn-Air's Pro style handles.  They were pretty.

I decided to totally take over Gerritt's Appliance one afternoon and after making friends with the manager, sweet talked him into letting me try swapping out a few handles to see if they would fit.

To my, and the managers surprise, the pretty Jenn-Air hardware I liked fit beautifully onto the Whirlpool model! For an extra $200, I was getting the fridge I wanted!

Now it was onto my next task:)

Original Whirlpool hardware

Jenn-air Pro Handle kit