Saturday, January 19, 2013


This might be one of my favorite projects!  I have been brainstorming for weeks about adding feet to the bottom of some of these great pieces I have been finding.  I know what catches peoples eye and it usually isn't the pieces sitting on the ground.

For example, this guy is great...great size, great drawer space, nice pretty curves and detail but unfortunately, it didn't have feet:(

 After removing the back so I could get to it with the clamps, I added some 2x4 blocks of wood, lots of glue and lots of screws.

In this case, I actually used fence posts because I didn't like the bun feet that I was finding.  I wanted something with more height and a bit more fancy.  Because I am so fancy!

PERFECT height for a baby changing table!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I just finished up this pretty dining set and am loving how it turned out!  I worked on it when I could in between other projects and custom pieces.

Not only did it take so long because I was busy, but this guy needed some serious WORK!  Not sure why I am drawn to the pieces that need a complete overhaul and fixing up, but I do.

Whoever owned this table put a very dark stain on the table top but not the legs OR THE LEAF! I was worried that although I was going to be stripping and sanding, that the leaf might turn out a little different.

Those chairs were disgusting! I sometimes reupholster over existing fabric if it is in excellent shape, just to create extra padding, but I just couldn't do it in this situation.  So don't worry to anyone who may buy this set...this is NOT under your tush!

The chairs also needed some structural reinforcing...this is where Marc comes in.  Maybe he goes a little overboard on the screws (like 20 in each chair:) but he is really good at repairing and these guys are better now than the day they were built!

Even had to make a few new pieces for this chair.

Quick trip to Lowes and using the router to get the same profile on the's good to go!

 This is when I really started to get nervous about the leaf turning out different.  After stripping it the table was still SO DARK!  I sanded, and sanded, AND sanded until I felt they were good.

I think the toughest part of refinishing for me is choosing the color or finish. I w REALLY wanted to gold leaf the detail on the back of the chairs but I was nervous it would not appeal to a larger crowd.  I ended up mixing my own color because that's what I do. I was going for a soft linen / soft grey combo and that is exactly what it is!

Here they are all sprayed and ready to go...

I lightly distressed them

Then, with my favorite glaze, VanDyke Brown, I went to work...

I diluted the glaze by about 40% because I wanted it pretty runny and light.

Just start brushing it on, concentrating on the nooks and sticking to a specific area, like the back of the chair including both back legs, before moving on.

 I keep everyones stinky old stretched out socks in my family (I draw the line at using old underwear) and use them in my shop.  Just slip it over your hand and wipe it down.  Add a little here and there if you have to and re-wipe.

Let dry for at least 24 hours and use a clear coat.  I sprayed these chairs with my HVLP and a lacquer clear coat for protection but you can use whatever protection that you like.

Last step was to finally get rid of that nasty old fabric and reupholster.  Just to be "safe" I ended up using a pretty steely grey/blue fabric.  Looks great with the finish!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 I can't pretend this was an easy project...all those arms and scrolling and twists and turns!

After giving it a light sanding and cleaning, it was sprayed with a can of Kilz.  I knew my customer was going to be getting new sleeves on the fixture and bulbs, so decided to leave them on to protect the "innards", which is really just a gross word for electrical wires:)

She had a vision of orange and asked me to spray it in the color I have in inventory called"startling orange".  I LOVE how it looks with the gorgeous round bulbs!  I am also loving the turquoise clock in the background...very nice Jen:)

Monday, January 7, 2013


I was picking up a dresser a few weeks ago and this coffee table caught my eye. It was in the basement of the estate I was at and because I am super nosey, I was peeking around.  They had sold most everything else and evidently nobody could see the beauty in this...that's where I come in:)

Look at the sweet detail on the inside corners!

The smokey black glass top had to go and it needed a new finish.  My husband was all like "why are you spraying it the same color"?!?!  Does he not know that there are very different types of gold?  The original finish was ugly, brassy 80's gold.  I was looking for a more vintage glamorous look.

I had a mirror custom cut from Vos Glass.  I love these guys and get all of my mirrors and glass custom cut there.   They are fast, reasonable priced and do a great job.

I LOVE this coffee table!  It's huge and fits my space perfectly.

I have to show you the couch I bought while at the same house.  It is so funky and you either love it or hate it.  I love it and most people hate it! LOL!  Straight from the 60's and in mint condition!  I fell for the style and trellis pattern, even like the orange color.

You should have seen my husbands face when I made him go back with me to pick it up.  I thought I even saw a tear.  He was like "Julie, why don't you just go buy a new couch" and I am like, "because honey, I have problems and one of those problems is the inability to buy something brand new without an immense amount of guilt".

I probably do need a new though, which has been on my "want" list anyway.  I'll admit it is VERY busy in the room right now with the mirror on the table, crazy patterned sofa and this very busy rug.  You need to take an Advil before sitting in the room:)

On another note...check out my sons origami work!  He rocks at this little "hobby" and his patience for this blows my mind!  We spray painted this guy and he is now a part of our decor.  I think I am going to have him make a bunch of different sizes and do something fun with them.