Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So, how good are you at seeing beyond the roughness of this beauty?

I originally had this set in my "what the hell am I doing to myself pile". That pile used to be a LOT bigger than it is now as I have learned a lot the past 9 months on what to pass up on and what to grab,  what is worth my time and what is not.  Now, if a piece is not close to "perfect", I usually pass it up...unless it's for myself:)  It's funny how I am less "picky" about pieces if they are for myself as opposed to going in my shop for someone else to buy.  I personally do not mind imperfections here and there, but would never want to have a customer buy anything other than "perfect".  Or as perfect as a 50-60 year old piece can be:)

This set is something that, if I didn't just drive so far to go look at, I would have turned around and left. But I hate to take a road trip and leave empty handed:) So glad I didn't!

Structurally, it's perfect. But I though it would need to be stripped, which is super fun...NOT! Sometimes these older pieces actually sand down very easily.  I finally got lucky:)

I LOVE the detail and lines on this set.  So ornate and beautiful.  The original hardware if awesome too!

OK...The mirror is free for whoever wants to purchase this set, IF can tell me what is different about the before sanding and after sanding project on one of these pieces

Oh, and here is my newest and most favorite find of all time I think!  Some nice guy was having and estate sale and just really wanted to go home.  He gave me this chair for free...just wanted it gone!  My husband was like "are you kidding me" and I was like "hell no!  Pack it up!"  It was kinda gross originally, but after some murphy's oil and bees wax... she shined up reeeeaaaal nice like!  LOVE!

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