Thursday, April 30, 2015


This has to be one of my favorite projects!  You probably know by know how much I love the metallic finishes I have been doing lately, and then to be able to do it on a big, fat daddy piece like this…awesome!!

Here is how it all began…My new BFF David contacted me and told me that he is moving into a newly renovated studio condo downtown on the fifth floor (delivery details later).  He said he had just purchased this monster of a piece and wanted it to serve not only as an island in his little kitchen, but also as the statement piece in the space.

We brainstormed a bit on how we could add height to this guy.  Because it already had legs, my fancy 'add legs idea' was not an option.  I happened to have some really cool, old and large casters laying around that I thought would be a pretty and easy option…David was quickly on board.  I LOVE the industrial look it give this piece and not to mention, totally practical in this space where he will potentially be moving it around a bit.

Because it was going to be exposed, I replaced the old and cheap backing with a new piece of ply.  I was originally planning on doing a LOT of filling in to make it look seamless but after I got going, I decided I didn't like the look.  It just looked like I added a piece of ply to the back…not what I, or David was going for.  
After stepping back and thinking, "If this was going in my kitchen, what would I want".  I decided that trimming it out would give it the nice, 'finished' look we wanted. 

Adding trim

softening up the edges 

Ready to be primed

After many clear coats of lacquer, it was ready to be delivered.  In the middle of Downtown. With a big fat trailer.  On a one way street.  With 6 kids tagging along. In the middle of Art Prize on a Saturday!  

I am sure it looked like we were doing something completely illegal by the way we were parking and yelling and moving fast and running around…well, the parking job WAS completely illegal, but that's how we roll!

This had to get up to the 5th floor.  So after Marc pulled completely up on the sidewalk to get the trailer out of the middle of the busy street, we unloaded this sucker in record speed time and then he pulled away.  I really have no idea where he went…he just had to move the truck and trailer before we pissed more people off.  David and I had a good ways to roll the piece down the sidewalk to even get to the building door.  Each one of the kids grabbed a drawer.  Did I mention how crazy HEAVY this thing is?!?! After some debate about how to make it fit into the elevator, we worked it in and up she went!

Because I think David has incredible taste, I wanted (with his permission) to show off the space a little bit:)

This is the smallest and most beautiful studio I have ever seen. I love how he has put everything together to make the space feel warm and cozy, but still simple and elegant.

 He actually used leather spray paint to change this chesterfield sofa from blue to black!  I saw it on CL and liked it, but not the color…so mad I didn't think of doing that!  Looks gorgeous!

Lovin the lamp!