Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ok, so it's no big secret that I stink at putting together tutorials.  Mainly because I am doing projects ALL DAY LONG and don't think, until I am done with a project, "hey, maybe someone else wants to know how to do this".  Not to mention I am to involved (lazy) to go grab my camera or phone to take pics.  I promise to get better:)

I saw this coffee table at a thrift store.  Actually there were 3 of them.  They were all in great shape, had nice and simple detail and were a great price...3 perfect reasons to buy!  I am like that with clothes too.  I hate shopping, so if I see a shirt I like, I will just get 2 or 3 in different colors:)

After I refinished the table, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to use some decorative metal that my brother brought me.

Speaking of brother...let me digress a second and tell you all how LUCKY I am to have this guy as a brother.  He is a project manager and renovates old buildings and is always thinking of me and bringing me stuff he thinks I might want to use on projects.  Now my hubby is AWESOME and helps me with anything I need, but Jarrod, my bro, he truly loves vintage, rehabbing, making crap outta crap and being creative.  Not to mention he calls his big sis every morning for my "wake up call" because he knows I hate getting up in the morning.  Never heard anyone so happy at 5:30 am!

((BTW single ladies...he is single, super cute (minus the dirty clothes), hardest working man and the nicest dad, uncle, brother and guy you will ever meet! And he is the only guy I know who looks good in a cowboy hat in GR:) HA HA!  He is gonna kill me!  This will be a great test to see if he really reads my blog like he says he does!!))

Now back to my coffee table...

I bought some 1-1/2" wide trim and cut it, mitering the corners, to fit the outside of the table.  I new I was going to be adding 1/8" metal and 1/8" piece of glass, so I made sure that the lip, sticking up around the table was about 3/8", so that the material would fit inside the table with a small 1/2" reveal.

I filled in the holes, primed and resprayed it in black.

After cutting the metal to fit the table, I primed and sprayed it out in gold.

Here she is!  Had the glass cut at Ace Hardware for $25.  I love it!


  1. So cool! It looks so luxe and custom now! :)

  2. Great idea!!! I have a wonderful picture frame that I can use this technique on and make a serving tray and use some old drawer handles for handles.