Sunday, October 14, 2012


I posted last about a project I was working on,  helping a friend with her new self serve yogurt shop she was opening.  Well, it's finally open and so cool!  Not to mention she has about 800 flavors or yogurt and about 6000 topping!  Maybe my numbers are off a bit, but there are a lot:)

If your in the mood for frozen yogurt, please visit her store called "THE PUMP HOUSE".  It's located at Knapps corner across from Celebration Cinema and BW'3's in a strip shop area.  Not only is the yogurt good, but the design of the entire place great.  Cross of modern and vintage...just how I like it!

Here are a few pics of the projects I did for her, all complete.

I took the phrases off the stores cup and put them on the wall...

The mirrors I was not sure of before, look great in bright white flanking the cabinet in turquoise with a pearly brown glaze.

I am officially sick of making starburst mirrors for a while:)  So glad we did this though...was a fun and fairly inexpensive way to dress up the bathroom

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