Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I am loving, yet again, this pretty new piece I just finished for a customer.  It is a darling jewelry armoire that she wanted in this high gloss purple, to keep all her jewels.

I knew when I quoted this piece it was going to be a good amount of work.  Don't let the cute little size fool you. I can honestly say that is was as much, if not more work, than a big 9 drawer dresser.

It did turn out darling, with the blingy glass hardware, but check out the before...

My customer picked it up at a garage sale.  It needed a little TLC, a new finish and most definitely, new hardware.

I wish people knew the amount of work that goes into doing pieces like this.  Not only do I have to diligently tape off the pieces with the felt interior on the side pieces, top and drawers, but also refinish both sides of the top and side pieces, which means extra time to cure before flipping to do the other side.  

Putting this beauty back together and adding the hinges and new hardware was a job in itself, this always takes about an hour when you have to drill new holes and replace pieces.  

I guess what I am getting at in this post is...don't be mean to me if you ask for a quote on your jewelry 
amoire and don't like it...they are a LOT OF WORK!  xoxo


  1. Fantástico! Meu blog

  2. Really cute! I hope you made a profit!! :) Love the color, too!

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