Saturday, November 15, 2014

A double DO OVER!

Ok, Ok, it's KILLING me but I will admit it.  I did a "do over"….twice.

I am sure my impatience had (everything) a lot to do with it but when I do a piece to sell and it doesn't sell within a few weeks, it REALLY bothers me! Or maybe I just get sick of looking at it in my shop every day and need a change, whatever it is, I hope someone likes it this time around:)

The color is Ben Moore Hale Navy. I know the elephant and brick look a little strange in color but I had to adjust the color to get the true depth of the dresser.

Here is the first round.  I LOVED this! But looking back, it was probably too risky adding the gold inlay. Not everyone likes gold like I do.  Although I received a lot of positive feedback, it just wouldn't fit into most decor. 

(I have the inlay still if anyone wants to play around with it on another piece…no charge:))

And the second round, I am just not sure what happened here. I kept the box the same as round 1, but removed the inlay and redid the drawers in a pale aqua.  The stripes on "round 3" is actually this drawer color.