Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Even after laying extra subfloor and doing what you can to help the transition of materials from one room to another to be as smooth as possible, there may still be a small "lip" that will either need a threshold of sorts or be an unsightly 'toe stubber'.  Here is what we have done in all of our homes that have worked beautifully!

We have used shims to meet up with the new flooring.  

I wish I thought about getting pictures sooner in the process but hopefully you get the idea.  

After setting up the tile underlayment (not actually installed yet) and then the tile to figure out the exact height of the floor we will be butting up to, we decided where the shims needed to be cut to achieve the perfect height.  

The shims were glued with construction adhesive and nailed.

Just a random photo but thought any photos might help.  Here, Marc needs to trim the wood to fit around the wall and was also wanted the 'tongue' removed butt up against the tile.

Another view.

And another.

If you are worried about it feeling like a "ramp", it doesn't at ALL!  It is the slighting incline and I promise you will not notice it at all:)

Like I mentioned, we have done this many times, on many homes and it has always worked beautifully.

Sorry about the messy photo but just a larger view.  We will be done with this reno…someday!!

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