Saturday, July 26, 2014


2 years ago we laid the hardwood flooring in our living room, dining room, foyer and hallway.  Knowing that this renovation was in the future, we purchased enough to run through the rest of the area we would be doing hardwood.  Good thing we did because just as I predicted, it has now been discontinued, just like my favorite lipstick.  WHY would anyone discontinue something so perfect!
I really miss that lipstick.

Anyway, when transitioning into the kitchen from the dining room, we needed to run the flooring in the opposite direction. That becomes an issue when it's a tongue and groove floor and you are now missing the tongue.

No worries…you just need to make one!
We found a piece of thin ply in my scrap pile that fit the groove snuggly and ripped it down to the correct size, which was about a 1/2" wide.

(just for the record, this was a piece of beat up scrap wood:))

We then glued the ripped down strip into the groove, ready to accept the wood running in the new direction.

Now the wood going in the new direction has someplace to attach…into the new tongue.
First piece in place.

 and so on and so forth...

Our professional hardwood floor gluer.

We had JUST enough wood to finish the job!

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