Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sorry if I have talked about these products a little too much but I just want to spread the LOVE!

There is no denying that mostbof the pieces that come through my shop need to be totally stripped and re-stained but once in a while, all they need is some TLC.

Before…This is the photo my client sent me.  She wanted the drawers stripped and re-stained.  Although we all know that pictures can be very deceiving, I was hopeful that all they really needed was some "Howard" love!

Not only is this easier for me but it also saves the client some money.  Win-Win!

The Restore A Finish comes in different Shades.  I find that Dark Walnut and Oak are the two colors I seem to use the most. The Feed N Wax is the follow up product.  I Use the wax ALL THE TIME by itself.  Sometimes that is actually all you need to pretty up a piece!

The drawers BEFORE…little dingy

I use a VERY fine steel wool pad to wipe the drawer or piece down first.

After cleaning, with a clean rag, wipe on the Restore A Finish product.  Do not pour onto the drawer but onto the rag after shaking the can well.

Photo of the drawers after using the Restore A Finish (but before the wax).  This product colors in the dings and brings dull finishes back to life!

After 30 minutes, wipe on the wax (directions on bottle) to achieve an even nicer finish.

Love that hardware!

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