Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Although we remodeled this bathroom only a few years ago, there are a few things that I would do differently (like the cabinets),  I still really like the sink with double faucet set up I did.

This is the "kids" bathroom so often times, there are 2-3 big kids in here getting ready at once. I really like and wanted double sinks but there is something I have learned about my kids…they LOVE to hang out in the bathroom! There is a lot of fun, laughing and serious chatting that happens in there.  So, not only are we a "hang out on the floor" family, but evidently we like to sit and hang out on countertops too:)  So I had to decide between A-a ton of countertop space for "stuff" and hanging, or B-double sinks for that 2 minutes here and there

In order to get the best of both worlds, I decided I would find one large sink that was made for 2 faucets. I quickly realized that a set up INTENDED for 2 faucets were way out of my budget.

I started looking for the largest and longest vessel sink I could find (this one happens to be 30" long and 16" deeps),  2 simple, single handle faucets and talk my hubby into this idea, that I might be able to make it work and stay well within my budget.

Glad I took the plunge!

Now about that accent tile… because I had a ton of 12 x 12" tumbles travertine tile left over from our last home and I can be super cheap, I really wanted to somehow use in this project.

It was a bit too traditional looking for me on it's own, so I decided to buy a sheet of glass tile that I found at The Tile shop, pop out random pieces of travertine and pop in a piece of glass tile.

It was a little bit like a puzzle finding the right sizes to fit, but I really like puzzles:)

This artwork is special to me because my grandmother, who is now 96 years old, painted them for me years ago. Well, she actually painted one for me and one for my sister, but I sweet talked my sister into giving me hers:) 

Now the fun part…BEFORE PICS!

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