Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Often times I am not 100% sure how I am going to accomplish a particular project until I am walking around Lowes and figure it out…such the case with this rope hardware.
Marc was with me on this trip and after hearing my original plan on how I was going to secure the rope (which I don't even remember anymore:)) he suggested I use crimp sleeves.

These are the tools and products I used for this project

I think getting the knots even was the trickiest part of all! Make sure knots are as TIGHT as you can get them.

I didn't want to drill the holes in the drawer front larger to accommodate for the thick rope, so I unraveled the ends, cut off 2 of the pieces of rope and secured the cut off ends with a few dabs of super glue.  

I put a little tape at the end of the rope to help it fit through the drawer hole easier as well as the crimp sleeve slide on nicely.

 Although you are suppose to actually apply the crimp sleeve INSIDE the drawer, this was a better photo to show you how it's done. Squeeze super duper tight!

While inside drawer, where you really do want it to me:)

The rope was only sticking out about an 1" - 1"1/2" which didn't bother me but one is welcome to go as short as you dare.  Just make sure you have enough room to get the sleeve on.

I promise, if you squeeze the crimp hard enough, they are not going anywhere!  As a matter of fact, you will need to cut them with a razor blade (careful!) to remove.

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