Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I was so happy to help out my friend when she called me asking if I could assist her on a bedroom makeover for her neice who was in a terrible accident this summer and really needed a smile on her face:)  Maybe I can't help much financially, but I sure have a lot of pieces and I definitely know how to paint!

The dresser did have the factory finish and my friend was happy to use it 'as is' but there was no way I was letting it go into sweet girls new bedroom looking all dingy…it really needed a fresh new finish.

Love the style of this headboard.  It had been sitting in my inventory for almost a year and I though it would be the perfect one to donate. And how darling will it be in a teenagers room?!?!

The nightstand I had sitting around too.  I was happy when they decided to go with my favorite color color as the accent for the little table.

And because 'before' pictures are so fun…here are a few!

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