Monday, September 30, 2013


I will be honest and say that I almost had second thoughts about the purchase of this desk. It needed a lot of extra TLC and while I am not afraid of the extra work, I tend to pass on the ones lately that need extra, EXTRA lovin simply because I do not really have thetime, nor the space.  But I really liked this little desk…so he came home with me!

Yes, I know…HORRIBLE 'before' picture Julie! I can't remember everything ya know!

This originally had a leather top inserted that had been completely ruined.  I had removed that and Marc cut a piece of ply to replace it.  I tend to be really bad a cutting straight lines, so instead of spending more money on more ply, I usually let him do the long cuts:)

Because we are professionals…this is how we weigh down the top until the glue dries:)  It was also pin nailed as well. 

I was not able to get 'after' pics at my shop because my client had the hardware at her home, which was out of town. So she was nice enough to send me a photo after she put them on.

I also did the bookcase that she had. I removed the back and added the new bead board.  Spraying it before it was installed was a MUST!  She picked really great colors for a little boys room!  Fun and functional!

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