Monday, October 21, 2013


I had the pleasure of helping a client transform this darling buffet into a bathroom vanity a while back and finally got the 'after' pictures!  

She had been on the hunt for the perfect size buffet to use as a vanity.  There are plenty of buffets out there, but most of them are pretty long, which wasn't an option in her bathroom.  She needed one that was a bit smaller than normal, something that isn't really easy to find.  

Glad I had one that was the perfect length for her. The top was pretty rough and I knew when I purchased it, that it would need some extra work.  

Imagine how excited I was when she asked me to remove it because she was going to add a solid surface to the top!!  

There were a few tweaks we needed to do to make this vanity work for her space.  First of all, the middle rail was a bit wrapped and not as sturdy as I would want it to be with 4 kids jumping up on it to brush their teeth.  I alway work on a piece, especially one that is going to be a 'fixed' piece in a customers home with the thinking…'what would I want in my house'.  That way I feel confident that they are getting a great, solid and lasting product.

Marc removed the old rail, routed a nice edge on a new 1 x 2 and installed it into place.

We also needed to cut down the piece to a certain height.  No options for an "oops" on this part!

My client wanted the entire inside of the cabinets sprayed out as well. I would too.  She would be looking in it many times a day…it needed to be as pretty as the outside.

I did one of my metallic finished on this piece.  She did NOT want any gold, just a darker, metallic look. I also sprayed out the existing hardware in a oil rubbed bronze finish. 

Although I hated to let this one go with 'incomplete', my job was done and it was ready to be installed and wait for the top.

Didn't she do a beautiful job on her bathroom renovation:)  The wall color is called 'Dill Pickle by BM.  The tile, lighting, mirror, top, sink and everything came together beautifully!


  1. Beautiful work. I am getting ready to turn a buffet into a bathroom vanity and this gives me some inspiration.

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