Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I found this pretty coffee table at a second hand store for a customer who I had done a few pieces for in the past.  She loved the size and shape but wanted some color in the room and was wondering if there was anything I could do to give it a little bit more height.

When a piece already has feet or legs, there isn't a ton you can do beside maybe add a 'skirt' to the base and then reattach the feet like we did on this dresser, or add casters.

We did that a few weeks back to add height to this buffet that was being used as an island and I thought it would be a good option for this coffee table.

Feet before drilling for casters.

I measured how long the casters were, put a piece of tape around the drill bit so I could drill down and stop at the correct depth.

I did start with a smaller bit and worked my way up to a larger bit to make things easier.
Holes all done!

I ordered a nice piece of glass to fit on top of the table to help protect the glazed finish because this table will have a lot of feet resting on it and drinks.

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