Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I sold this beautiful hutch to a young lady who will be using it as extra storage in the small condo she is renovating.

She loved the detail on the piece and storage potential but because she was going to be storing her food and kitchen supplies, as opposed to her 'fine china', she asked if I might be able to change the glass out for chalkboard.

I was unsure about being able to use the chalkboard paint on the glass at first but after doing some research, I found out that it was going to work perfectly after the paint cured for a few days.  

I also realized that the Valspar roll/brush on chalkboard paint would not cover the glass without 800 coats, so I started with Rustoleum spray on chalkboard paint.  I liked the coverage that the spray gave the glass but for some reason, it was almost too smooth!  After the spray dried , I then added a few coats of the Valspar roll on chalk.  It gave me just the bit of  texture I felt it should have for a good chalkboard surface.  And because I can't leave well enough alone, I finished it off with a coat of the spray:) 

After I let it sit for a day or 2, it was cured and ready to be put back together.  

VERY IMPORTANT…you must 'prime' the chalkboard before you start writing on it by covering the entire surface with the side of a piece of chalk.  Get it in there really well!  Wipe off and your ready to go! If you do not prime, the first markings or words you write on the chalk board will always linger...

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