Friday, September 13, 2013


This was definitely beautiful in the simple, modern navy finish we had going but because we wanted to use these fun wooden knobs, the dresser needed a little something.  My client, who I have worked with a lot this past year just happens to have amazing taste and fun ideas.  So I loved her idea of adding the boarder of gray around the drawers.

I have done a tutorial in the past on how to get perfect lines, not to mention they are all over the blog world.  I will never attempt to do stripes without the technique of after adding the green frog tape, going back over the tape line NOT with the new color, but the color under the tape.  Paint WILL seep under the tape a bit and when it does you want it to be the color that is under the tape.  This creates a barrier so that the new color, going next to it will not seep under.

paint the color that is UNDER the tape first.  Let dry and then do your new color!

The Before picture

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