Thursday, September 5, 2013


This is one of my favorite projects to do for clients.  It is fun to transform pieces, intended for a particular use, into something that is stylish, fun and functional for another use.

My client brought me this dresser that she picked up and wanted to use as a media center for her family room update she was working on.

I love this classic mid century style, legs and built in drawer pulls. She wanted the 2 tone look with the drawers and base staying wood and the box painted in a pretty shade of orange that went nicely with her new sofa.  lucky for me that although they needed some attention, the drawers were in excellent condition and my client liked the current color/tone of the wood…THANK YOU BARB!  That saved me time and her money:)

 The plan was to remove the 2 top drawers and replace them with a new sheet of ply to house the media components.

I removed the back and drawer glides and cut the inside board to fit before refinished the box (covering the base).  Don't forget to paint all the inside areas that you normally wouldn't if there were drawers.  I had to focus on hitting the insides and around the middle bar.

M husband spent a few hours helping me this weekend and volunteered to cut the board for me, which was great because evidently I am unable to cut a straight line!

Notice the notch for the center bar…I wanted it to be a nice, snug fit and look like it was 'mean to be'.

I sanded, primed and sprayed out the board as well BEFORE installing…highly recommended.

After everything is dry it's time to glue and pin nail board into place.

love my little compressor and nailgun!  I use it almost everyday.

 Don't forget to the paint the back before putting it back on.  As you can tell, I only did the part that you would see from the front.

Cover those pin nails for a professional look:)

The drawers and base were cleaned well with Murphy's oil then I used my favorite Bee's wax to shine her up!

The color is BM- Pumpkin Creme
I still have to drill a hole in the center of each slot for cords but it sure looks beautiful!

Marc wasn't the only one to help me this weekend.  Natalie offered to help a while too, taking the fun and funky coordinating end table apart for me so that I could paint the metal feet.  I hope she knows how much even these 'little' things help me!

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