Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I typically do not buy pre painted pieces to work on but couldn't pass this one up!  Such unique and pretty detail.  Just need a makeover really bad.  Really, really, REALLY bad!

I have been doing metallic finishes a lot lately but this one has more gold added than the past few pieces I have done.

I thought the original hardware looked pretty and was a nice contrast with the lighter finish.

Love the warm sheen that the gold gives.  So many different options with this finish.  I have a big sample board with those options to not only help people decide which finish is best for them, when looking for metallics, but to also help me have an idea of what I need to do to provide that look. Because I am kind of forgetful:)

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  1. Julie, I absolutely love your work and always look forward to your FB posts. I have an occasional sale business here in Minneapolis and I paint furniture too. If its not too much to ask, what paint did you use on this piece? All help is greatly appreciated!
    Sue Manning
    Chloe's Attic