Saturday, September 8, 2012


I sometimes like to try and sneak a few random pieces or projects in with my custom pieces I do for people. Here is an example of one of those projects.

I really though I might be wasting my time working on these, although they were sturdy and solid, they were so beat up and super ugly and really, who needs just 2 chairs??

Well obviously I DO!!!  I am loving how they turned out in the black lacquer.  I removed the strange metal screen thing from the back of the chair and spray painted it gold (duh!)

And have I mentioned that I am also a fabric  Well I am.  But it does pay off because this pretty soft coral looks so nice with the black and gold.

Here is the before picture.  As usual, I didn't think about it until I had it all stripped down, but they was UUUUGLY!

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