Thursday, September 6, 2012


Now I know why so many people only do distressed and "antiqued" pieces!  No pressure to be perfect!  I actually enjoyed sitting down, listening to music, distressing and glazing this piece.

But it didn't always look this pretty.

It all started with a pretty ugly dresser.  Was I the only one who saw the potential in this little guy?!?!  I was feeling all sorry for it because everyone just walked right by and never even looked twice,  so I decided to make it my personal project.

After filling in A LOT of holes, I also decided to fill in the horizontal lines.  They were just making for any good hardware options.

The top was in excellent condition, so decided to make keep it wood. After stripping the top, I covered in well and prepped it for spraying the lacquer by sanding, sanding and sanding some more, priming, sanding again and spraying on a few coats of the pigmented lacquer. 

Afterwards I did another light grit sanding, prepping for the glaze. Distressing in NOT easy after using lacquer!  It is such a great and durable paint, it takes tons of work to bring it down to the wood again.  

I used a sponge brush to apply the glaze because I wanted to lay it on kind of thick.

Many different glazes to use but General Finishes is what I used on this piece.  Super easy product to work with.

Then wiped it down with a dry rag as I found that a damp rag took too much glaze off.  There are SO MANY ways and options when it comes to glazing!

Then I took one of my big fat fluffy brushes and feathered out the glaze to make it blend in more.

Afterwards I stained the top and sealed the entire piece.

Below is a picture of a great big "ooops" created by my near perfect husband.  Can you see it??

The middle and bottom right hardware is off:( 

I KNEW I should NOT have let him drill the holes when he was standing there looking at me on a Friday night, after a long days work, with his second beer in his left hand a drill in his right, looking antsy because the Tigers game was getting ready to start and I KNEW he wanted to hurry!  

Thank goodness I am a "hardware hole filling expert" and good at mimicking faux finishes:)


  1. Julie-

    This looks great! I have an almost identical piece...have used it for my son's schoolwork storage for years. Love the storage it provides. Have wanted to strip/restain it and your pics/instructions were a bit of inspiration:)



  2. I love this, Julie. Followed you here from Better After. Would you mind sharing what color blue you used? :)

    1. Hi Cindy. I have a terrible habit of mixing my paints to get a particular color and then can not really recreate it:( I did however just find an almost perfect match for a customer who wanted this same base color of blue as well and it was almost exactly like BM - Providence Blue.

      Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by me blog:)

  3. Love the dresser! I followed you from Better After also, can you tell me what you used to fill the holes/lines. I have some lines on my kitchen table that I desperately want to fill in but don't know what is best to use.