Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is one part of my job I do not particularly enjoy...taping off the drawers.  But it is so necessary to do a good job of taping them off so you can get a nice clean paint line, just looks prettier and more professional.  

It's not so bad when I have only 4 or 6 to do, but sometimes I let them stack up and do a bunch at once.  So, I find a comfy spot on the floor with some good music and coffee and get to taping!

I get all my newspaper from the only person I know who still gets the Sunday Press my sweet and pretty 95 year old grandma.. LOVE HER!!  She saves them all up for me and when I go visit her and get the paper, she still tries to stuff me with ice cream...LOVE HER!!

 Gotta love the pretty curved drawers!

Why does it look like a lot more than drawers for 2 dressers?!?!

Do you like my grafitti?

The dresser in the back has holes drilled and is going to be a beautiful Master Bathroom Vanity

You definitely want to drill the holes before your pretty paint job.

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