Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So, my new friend Jill contacts me about this entertainment center she has in her family room that she wants to use to bring some serious color to the room.

She stops over with the color she wants, all confident like.

"I want this color" she says.

I'm like... "are you SURE"?

She is like "yes, I like this one"

And I am like "are you totally sure?  Don't you want to go home and obsess about it for a week or two and bug the heck out of your husband?"  (Because that's what I would do)

But she is like "nope, definitely this one!"

Seriously, how does she do that!  Knows exactly what she wants AND is pretty!  I'm jealous!

Didn't this turn out great:)

Here is the before...Nice, but not nearly as nice as the after!

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