Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Like the last one picked in gym class, I kind of felt sorry for these 2 guys!  But I didn't give up on em.  I knew they had potential and that with some TLC, could be awesome pieces for someone.  I even think my client, Jennifer wasn't 100% sure at first, but deep down...she knew too!

She is an awesome mom who's letting who 2 boys, that share a bedroom, decorate it with their favorite sports themes.  One loves U of M and the other Detroit.  We found a perfect blue that will work for both team colors and will be adding a yellow "M" sticker and white "D" sticker on each top drawer.  

SHE IS LETTING THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT! I really wish I could be more like that!  After she left, my kids, who had been hanging out and listened in on our conversation were all over me...

"mom!  She is letting them do whatever they want".  "Why can't you be more like that"!  

And I was like, "well, I let you put any posters you want up, don't I"? 

And they are like "yeah, but only in the closet"!  

True story... But I'm working on my "control over the kids decor in the bedroom" problem.

Here is a before of the the sad little guys

The Blue is a BM color called Van Duesen Blue.  I sprayed the original hardware.

The after is much better!

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