Friday, April 27, 2012


So on my little furniture shopping trips, I often run across old, sad looking sew machine cabinets that nobody wants or needs anymore.  Some of these pieces are pretty cool and unique.  Although most of them have little drawers that can not hold much, I have found cabinets with some good size drawers that would be perfect if converted to a desk...only if it wasn't for that big fat HOLE in the middle!

Here are a few options that I have come up with to work around that big fat hole!

Simply tack down the flaps and putty the seams...making for a nice, simple desk.

Or do what we did here...tacked down one side of the "flap", build a box under the area where the sewing machine would go and add a piano hinge to the other "flap".  Makes for an awesome vanity!

Here is my new FAVORITE!  I have been obsessed with (SOO many things) painting glass, in particular....back painted glass and have done it in different projects around my home.  I love, love, LOVE the color coral and gold together and thought this would be a perfect project to use color combo.

I had a sheet of glass that was from an table project that had cracked on the edges.  I took this to my friends over at Vos Glass where they cut my broken piece to the perfect dimensions of this desk top. 

In one spray booth I was spraying the beautiful coral lacquer color.  In another spray booth, I was back painting/spraying the glass and the original hardware in this gorgeous metallic gold color by Valspar.  I sealed both the hardware and the back-painted glass for durability.

See what is underneath the glass I put on top!  A big ol' hold!  But who cares! With this beautiful sheet of metallic glass on top you would never know!  And check out the nice, deep drawers on this piece.

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