Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have always loved the look of metal screens that you would use to cover an old radiator.  In fact, I have incorporated in somehow on every one of the house that we built or renovated. There are a few different designs and colors to use.  I typically find mine at Homey D or Lowes.

In this particular case, I built a window seat in our office wanted a built in bench to "look" like it was an old radiator that I had built a box around.

Bad picture, I know, but you get the idea.

Although a built-in is a great and classic place to use these screens, I have gotten pretty creative with the left overs…

Replace the panel of a door on a cabinet

I have used them to cover in wall speakers in 2 homes and here, in our current home's retro Nutone.

Check out the nasty before picture of the original fabric!

I must have REALLY been bored this particular day....  I created a magazine holder out of the extra metal screen to make a magazine holder for the 1/2 bath of out current house.

Wish I knew I would be starting a blog a year ago!  Not sure how to tell you how I did this one, but with a little creativity and an hour of nothing better to do, I came up with this!

I always keep the left overs and make little things here and I though I would share a few simple ideas.




Although the diameter is a bit different, the construction is basically the same...

1-cut the screen to length and width

2-with a small pieces of wire, pull through holes and twist to secure.

Just make sure the diameter fits what you want to use it for.  For example, I cut a water bottle down to fit inside this one to hold the pencils

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  1. Great ideas - we'll have to keep an eye out for some on our travels. Lowes sounds like a great store - so many of our favourite US-based upcyclers and bloggers talk about it!