Friday, April 20, 2012


Not sure why I do old chairs I don't even need and reupholser them.  I obviously have an addiction to either cool old chairs, pretty fabrics I don't know what else to do with or simply torturing myself with 6 week projects. I sure it's all the above.

Here is a set I picked up.  Pretty slipper chairs.  I have tackled similar projects before, but nothing this involved, where I needed this metal strip tack thing and this cardboard edging thingy (thank you sweet man at the upholstering store for donating to me:).  This really is not a tutorial at all, I have tried to block out the entire incident and do not remember much of the process, but there are a lot of talented woman on DIY blogs with some great step by step tutorials.

Here they are before...isn't that awesome that I took a picture of the backs but not the fronts?  Seriously Julie?!

I started by removing the fabric so I could paint.  I made sure to keep all the pieces so I could use them as my template for the new fabric.

My original plan was to do a Restoration type whitewash and grey stain technique on the frames.  After I added the stripper to the chairs and started scraping, I quickly realized the front legs were not wood...but plastic:(  I was not only bummed because I could not do my original finish, but the stripped ate away at the plastic so much that I had to so some serious sculpting with my wood putty to make it look good again.  Plan B...I painted it white.

Here are just a few pics of the "during" process.  Notice the condition of my living room in the background looked like this for weeks!

LONG story is the end result:)  Not perfect by any means but I learned a LOT.  

 Here is another Cute one.  I like these type of reupholstering jobs.  Fun way to add pops of color, although I am sure some throw pillows would be a lot easier:)


Here is a sneak peek at a current project I am doing.  I am helping my mom and my darling 93 year old grandma, who lives with her. do a VERY budget friendly DIY kitchen update.  Here are a few "before" and "during" pictures. 

Here we are prepping and sanding down the frames.  The cabinet drawers and doors are at my house, took them home to spray.

 Such a mess! (my mom:)

Here I am, spraying the frames. I sprayed the doors and drawers at my house.

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