Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Most of us have one, an old armoire we really don't need anymore taking up space in the basement...I know I do!  Although most of us have moved on to the flat screen t.v.'s we are always still in the market for more storage, right?

I have a mudroom reno coming up in the next few months of my own and have been brainstorming ways to incorporate an armoire into the space to use as extra closet and storage.  I still have not figured out why it looks like I have 8 kids whenever I walk into the mudroom when I only have 3!

Anyway, I recently refinished an armoire for a friend who needed more storage in her beautiful home that does not happen to be overflowing with closet space.  They have the flat screen over the fireplace, but decided to use an old armoire that they had in storage for the past few years, add shelves inside and  put in her living room to hold blankets and toys...turned out super cute!



Here are some other great ideas that I found on pinterest.  So many ways to use old armoires or hutches in a more purposeful way.  From a craft center, computer station, pretty storage in bathroom or closet or extra pantry storage space.

sewing armoireAn organized armoire for additional closet space.armoire - BHGlaundry armoireCraft Supply Closet from an ArmoireSimplest armoire

armoire pantryArmoire as Bathroom Storage!!!

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