Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vintage Basset Dresser Before and After

Here is another fun before and after (fun for me anyway)!  I have so many neat pieces sitting around that I have collected over time, I really need to get pictures on my site to let people see what I have and choose their own color.  

I know black, brown and white are very popular "go to" colors but I truly think that a strong color, like a deep shade of grey can be just as neutral and timeless.

I'm really into gold lately and think it's making a comeback of sort.  I'm not saying I am going to change out all of my door hardware or bathroom and lighting fixtures, but for some vintage dressers and furniture pieces, I think it's classic and beautiful.   I prefer to keep the hardware "as is" on most pieces, but these were just not very pretty and after a good scrubbing, looked even I sprayed them.  I have a very thorough and precise process that I go use when painting hardware, they will last forever!

The below picture looks more "blue" but it is really more dark grey.  So awesome!

I plan on doing posts in the future about paints, primers, fillers, sealers and all different types of products in the whole painting process.  I have done SO MUCH research, investigating, experimenting and the best test of all... trial and error!  Looking for the most durable, "baked on" finish that you would buy from a store.  I have been given samples and used every product on the market ... from water based, oil based, ceramic, different lacquers and epoxies, to hopefully find the "HOLY GRAIL" of paint.  Many people who refinish furniture like to make others believe there is a huge "secret" in the whole process and do not like to share their secrets.  Not me, I have a big mouth and if I find something that works awesome, I love to share with others!!!  So stay tuned...


  1. I love the clean design of this piece. The color is amazing!

  2. This looks SO much nicer with this color. Great job!

  3. You do beautiful work! We are on the hunt for a few things - I will keep your blog on hand:)