Monday, November 21, 2011


It's been a big funny joke, when people would come to my house, they like to see what table does Julie have in her eating area.  Usually I would please them with something new.  I have a problem.  Actually I have 2 problems.  One is that I have a very hard time making decisions on really stupid things and two is that I think I have to try to make everything myself.  

I can not tell you how many tables I have had in this little nook.  Before I built the seating bench, it was a round high top, but the kids kept beating up my walls with the back of the chairs, so I changed it to a rectangular top made out of a door.  Cute, but still not right.  After I had built the benches I must have had 4-5 other tables, but the "need" to make one myself was still lingering.

I had seen the idea a long time ago, of making a base out of pipes, and had stashed it away in the back of my little head to use when I was to make a new computer desk down the road.  I loved the industrial look of it and wanted to mix it into the softer, more feminine decor around the house.

I was TRYING to refinish a table that just ended up not being worth refinishing and most of it needed to be trashed.  The leaves stored inside/under the table were in decent shape, and they happened to be the right dimensions for my nook.

I wish I had pictures of how I put this thing together, but had NO idea I was ever going to share any of my little o' lonely DIY projects:))

Here are a few close up and underneath pictures to give you an idea of the pieces of pipe I used and how it was put together.

I jotted down a picture and list of what I thought I would need and how I wanted it constructed, then headed to Lowe's.  Once piece of advice, DO NOT BRING KIDS ALONG ON THIS TRIP!!  I was there in the plumbing isle for a long time and got a little greasy while trying to puzzle things together.  I ended up figuring out that it was going to be cheaper to have one 8' piece cut down into 4 sections for the bottom legs of the base, so if your trying to budget this, check out all of your options.

This did not end up exactly being a "cheap" project.  I was surprised to spend about $75 on all the plumbing, but it was worth it!  

And I did have to have my husband really tighten the pipes with the wrench when he got home.  I bit of adjusting, tightening or loosening, might have to happen to make sure everything is balanced and level.

No gum under there I hope...

As you can see I attached my 4 planks to 2 other pieces of wood scraped from the old table (screwing underneath) and made sure to have them set the right space apart, so they would evenly and perfectly sit on top and of the plates, brackets, or whatever they are called that the table is resting on, then screwing into place.  

The wood on top had simply been sanded down.  I really liked how it looked as is and didn't want to add any shine,  so no stain or poly, but put a few top coats of Johnson's Paste Wax to seal and protect it and give just a little luster... Can't believe I just used the word "luster".

Even if you don't have any old wood laying around, of course the classic old door with a piece of glass on top would look super cool.  But you could always buy some new wood from the hardware store, more expensive oak or even cheaper pine would work great. But keep in mind that they would take stain differently.  I would do a little sample before you go to town.  These boards come in different widths and can cut down to length.  Maybe beat it up or bit, or not, and throw on some stain!