Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am getting better at remembering to take my before pics.  Usually I forget.  Even if I do remember, I can't find my camera or the memory stick is still in the computer and the battery is dead!  Always something, and by then I am over it and ready to just start sanding.  I'm really trying though:)

I have been doing a lot of desks for people lately.  Generally I would love to get my hands on a real live DESK, but I have been seeing a lot of awesome mid century sewing tables lately and have been thinking, these things are so unique and built so solid, there is no reason they could not be used as a "desk".

Here is an example of one that I just refinished and am putting in the "shop"...

It had a seam or two that needed to be filled in, and the top needed to pin nailed down, but with 4 functional drawers (even a cool "hidden" shelf under front apron), really not much different than any desk!  

I am a little obsessed with grey's right now, as is the rest of the world...but it is such a wonderful, rich, and versitile color.

I LOVED the original hardware, but 2 handles were missing.  Seriously!  I understand this desk is like, 60 years old, but WHY ARE THERE HANDLES MISSING!!!  I'm sure I will get over it eventually.

I did manage to find some antique handles that I think look great though.

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