Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I thought I would share a quick before and after of a desk I picked up on Craigslist.  Evidently she had a handful of interested people, but they quickly ran the other way when they saw the condition it was in.  I guess I was up for a good challenge.

The veneer was not only a complete mess on the top, but along the sides and on many of the drawers.

I used a lot of wood glue and clamps.  I originally was thinking of just taking off the top veneer layer by scaping and using my belt sander, but realized it was going to be WAY more work than being patient and doing a few nice layers of wood filler.

Not to mention I did not think this would be a good "practice piece" to try out the belt sander I borrowed from my father in law:)

I am so glad I stuck with this project!  After a few coats of primer, spraying on high gloss paint and sealing it, I think it turned out so pretty! 

I reused the original handles, which I really like to do if possible.  You like?


  1. WOW! Amazing job! I would've turned and run the other way after seeing that veneer!

  2. I like what you have done.

  3. you didn't remove the veneer? But used wood filler to fill in the missing veneer? VERY nice job!
    I'm loving the new look, color and keeping the old hardware!
    great job!