Saturday, November 19, 2011


I finally tackled a project that I have been putting off for a few months.  I have been so busy painting lately but I really have to focus on my empty living room that needs serious attention!  

I picked up these chairs a while back.  They were very sturdy, cool shape to them and I thought they would be a good first time re upholstery project.  I have recovered dining chairs and benches before, but nothing other than that. 

For some reason I only took a before picture of one of the chairs, they are identical, but on brown and other cream.

After removing everything, including 8 million staples, I wanted to reuse what I could and the cushions were in great shape still.  I also needed to use the old pieces as templates for cutting out the new fabric.

I didn't really have anything other than a screw driver and pliers to remove staples.  After stabbing myself a few times and scratching the chair up a bit, I got them all out!   

Seriously, you have to be careful!  Work DOWN with the tools and not UP onto the finished wood.    Thank goodness I was planning on painting these chairs so I could patch it up.

Removing the layers

Keep the piles together

I was so glad a took a few before pictures because the chair sat for 2 months in this stage!  I got sidetracked....By the time I decides to finish the project I completely forgot what they looked like put together and referred to my before pictures to remind me. 

I decided on a silvery, metal type of finish for the chairs to go with this pretty fabric I had purchased.  I painted the chairs with Rustoleum paint in Aluminum and did a combo of a few acrylics for the glaze.  I used equal amounts of each glaze, plus a LITTLE water and rubbed on with old t-shirt.  Afterwards I sprayed on 2 coats of satin poly.

Then I started putting the chair back together. 

Starting with the back "BACK" of the chair, I used the old material as a template, cut it out and stapled into place.  I kept and reused the bit of batting from the first time around and laid it on the inside of the back like they did before.  If I was really cool, I would have taken a picture of it, but I'm not that cool:(   

Next came the back of the chair, the part you lean against.   Here I wanted to put buttons the back of the chair again, to make it look a bit more elegant.  

This fabric was SO thick.  After my 3rd trip to JoAnn Fabrics that day, I finally found the only buttons that would work.  They are a little bigger than I originally wanted but the only ones that would allow me to tuck all that thick fabric into back.

It was nice that I could reuse the old "insides" of the chair.  I knew right where to put the buttons and the holes were already in the cardboard inside.

I stapled the back into place.  Like all the stapling.  I like to start in the center and work way to each end, pulling tight but not SOOO tight it appears unnatural.

After the back, I covered the seat.  The original seats where kind of in two parts and had buttons.  

Call me smart or lazy...I decided to make it one big fat comfy cushion.  And I did not feel that the seat needed buttons, so this seat became real easy real fast!

After putting the 2 layers together I added a layer of batting and stapled the fabric in place.

Here is one chair almost complete.

Last came the double welt cording.  I can not explain how much I disliked this part.  It was my first time doing a db cord and after watching a few tutorials and purchasing a zipper foot, and a third attempt,  it finally worked out ok.  At least now I know how to do it!  

I glued on the cording with fabric glue.  I also sprayed the fabric with scotch guard, hoping to help keep little dirty fingers from ruining my hard work:))

Here is the finished project!!  I am so happy with them!
Peter likes them too:)

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