Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I posted a question on my FB page the other day asking if anyone had a truly good stainable filler.  I have tried a few of them and have yet to find one that works well.  

I actually find that sometimes I am best to just leave a scratch or knick alone and once it is stained, tends to stand out less than if I tried filling it.

But these guys, I wanted to fill...

A lot of the answers were to mix some of the sawdust from the piece with glue.  I have known about this method and tried it a few times but it never worked like I was hoping.  And maybe it was the glue I was using that was the issue (Elmer's).  I have also used minwax wood putty with some success and would have been a good 'after staining' option.  I would mix a bit of a few colors to get the tone of wood I was working on. 

Because I know wood filler dries hard, I thought that I could try adding the sawdust to that. 

So I got me a bit of Elmer's filler and dabbed in into the pile of sawdust on my dirty floor

After mixing it together, I filled in the small gaps on top of the buffet.

(BTW…No, I wasn't jumping up and down when I took these horrible phone pics, I'm just a very bad photographer:))

 Then I grabbed more sawdust off of my dirty floor and packed it in good!

After letting it dry overnight I sanded it down very well, getting as much of the filler that was on the wood, surrounding the scratches, off the best I could.

When I do this again, which I will, I will definitely take a bit more care in trying to keep the filler off of the wood because the filler itself doesn't take the stain, just the sawdust crammed into it.

After 2 coats of General Finishes Java Gel stain, I think it looks pretty good!

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