Saturday, February 22, 2014


**First let me start by saying that I am NOT a designer (or photographer), nor do I pretend to be one. So if "design rules" are broken, no judging:)

I have a fair amount of color going on in much of my house so really wanted a softer, "tone on tone" type of look for this room. 
I am super lucky in the fact that Marc could really care less about what I do, as far as decor goes, in our home.  Not only is he pretty much color blind, but he knows I will do what I want to do anyway, so why argue:)  Hence, the "blush"tone of the quilt... I LOVE that man!

Here is a before picture of your bedroom.  It was not bad, I was just ready for a change and had been wanting to do something different with this bed and nightstand set that we've had for years.

I really love this metallic finish.  I am starting to think that every room of my house needs it somehow!  Check out my post on how to fix floppy, sloppy shams here.  It works beautifully and wish I thought of it years ago!

The bedding was purchased from Target and I bought the lamps from Hobby Lobby.  I had my eye on these lamps for over a year and so excited to finally have a reason to buy them!

Finding bedding was as difficult as finding the wall color!  I bought and brought home 3 different combinations before I picked this one. 

I painted the nightstands in SW-Cotton balls. It is a nice, soft white and the same color as the trim throughout my house.  

 The curtains I found at BB&B.
I purchased the rods from Target and sprayed them in Rustoleum Pure Gold.  

Mini me helping iron the curtains.  She actually did a pretty good job!

I bought this wall art from an estate sale last year that I had forgotten about.  I was super excited to stumble upon it when I was working on this room.

 Love how fancy my curtains look when the heat is blowing!  Go here to see the post on our master bathroom reno we did back when.  Still one of my favorite bathrooms we have ever done.

I do not know the color of the walls because I mixed a bunch of colors together to get what I wanted after realizing I couldn't find it on a color strip.  I would say it's closest to BM Gray Owl with a few LESS drops of blue.

Now to be honest and show you the ugly bench at the foot of my bed. I have dragged this guy around for years.  It has been outside in 2 homes, in mudrooms and now in my bedroom.  Until I find a pretty dark gray little tufted sofa (for under 8 million bucks) it will stay at the foot of my bed:)


  1. Your room turned out beautiful and love the metallic bed. Mini me did a great job with the curtains :) I also love your lamps and like how the glass gives a touch of elegance. Super job!