Monday, February 24, 2014


She turned out wonderful buuuut….

I will be honest, I was a wee bit concerned about this piece. 
I knew it was solid and well put together.  It had lasted for over 60 years and is going to last another 60 but it was on the "rough" side.  

Even so, I loved the sweet, simple detail and knew it would look beautiful with the right finish:)

Originally this piece was an antique dressing vanity.  But really, how often do we sit, gazing into the mirror and run the brush through our hair 100 strokes? Not happening often over here and I wanted to make it a function desk.  

I took it apart months ago and let it sit on the sidelines until the perfect top came along.  

Alas, this buffet top was available when I needed to remove it to make this piece into as a bathroom vanity for a customer (which was a pretty cool project and you can go HERE for details).

**side note…this is the first time I have ever used the word "alas" and am not sure how I feel about it**

I do love how it turned out:)  
I have never done a "colored" glaze before but the customer wanted a navy glaze over the gray/blue base.  

I mixed the glaze myself with 50/50 navy acrylic paint and SW clear glaze.  
I love how the dark glaze fell into the tiny cracks and imperfections of this piece.  


  1. LOVE it and I really like the glaze effect! Beautiful work Julie... and I like the word "alas"...LOL.