Sunday, February 2, 2014


We purchased these shelves and brackets after a trip to Ikea over a year ago. As my husband was installing them, I was already making plans (in my head) of changing out the shelves.  The brackets were pretty cool, but the cheap laminated shelves…they had to go!

Looking back, I am bet I could have just bought wood shelves while there and stained them myself but pretty sure my husband and kids were on their last leg and I was just grabbing stuff on my way to the check out isle like I was on a game show "How much crap can you throw in the cart in 3 minutes"!  So didn't get time to think.

While at Lowes last week, looking for items for a clients project, I decided to look for material for Jack's shelves.  These stair treads were the perfect thickness and length.  Just needed to take a bit off the width….

It's not that I CAN'T rip down a piece of wood…It's just that hubby happens to be much better at it.  Plus, my body does not function well in cold weather:)

I used the chunk that we cut off as a 'sample board' to test stains and see what I wanted for the room….

After playing around with stains for a bit and layering, I decided that Rustoleum driftwood (a gray tone) with Minwax Dark walnut over top, was what I wanted for the room.

Here is the result of that.  I like the gray base but a little brown over top made the graining stand out more.

Little sis helping him with display, which I actually let him completely do (not an easy task for me:))

Seriously think he did better than I would have!

Couldn't help but sneak a picture of his dresser in this post!   I LOVE this piece!

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