Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I know a lot of people can pull off floppy looking pillows and shams with totally class but for some reason, I can not. And after spending a lot of money on bedding, nothing bothers me more than a bed with beautiful bedding, lots of comfy pillow, and messy looking shams!  In fact when I'm shopping for bedding, I don't only look for pretty and soft, I look for sham with least amount of floppage. I like 'em perky!

Unfortunately, for my mini bedroom makeover I am working on, I fell in love with bedding that have shams with some serious floppage! 

And if "floppage" ain't a word, it absolutely should be!  

Here I have a picture of the floppy sham on the right and the one I "fixed" on the left.

I've tried a few different techniques in the past to sturdy the ends and edges of shams, from folding over and doubling up the seam, adding stuffing to the edges, and once I even ran a dowel through the top to make it stiff. Nothing really worked and using a dowel was just really adumb. 

While working on another project using heat and bond interfacing, I thought…bet this would work to stiffen up my floppy sham situation.  So I did what I always do...totally dropped the project I was working on and started a new one:)

I wasn't 100% sure it would work at first but after testing it, I realized this was a super good idea and went to town cutting large chunks for the corners and longer strips for the top and ran it the length of the top from end to end. 

I didn't have enough for the bottom and figured it wouldn't really be necessary anyway, so just focused on the tops.  

I also did this to the thicker king shams and it worked beautifully.  Not so pretty from he back and I would probably focus a little more on making it look pretty next time, but nobody sees that part. 

Here I had to cut a small 'v' groove because the interfacing happen to cover the opening of pillow insert.


I do have a post on my mini bedroom update if you'd like to take a look here.


  1. Hi! Your article fits perfectly to what I'm trying to achieve myself - the problem is that I can't find any material to make my pillow shame stiff!! Just wondering what it was that you used? I like the idea of ironing them on; I'm not great at sewing haha! Thanks x

    1. Hello:) There is a link in the post (above) to the material that I used called 'interfacing'. You can get it an just about any fabric or craft store. Get the stiffer of them and make sure it's IRON ON:) Hope that helps!