Thursday, January 2, 2014


I had both of these pieces sitting around my workspace for years. My mom found the top for me and I totally forgot how I acquired the base.  Although I didn't originally plan on putting these two pieces together, the scale of the top fit the base nicely.

The base was an odd height though…too short to use comfortably as a dining table and too tall to use as a coffee table.  It would have made a decent height end table but 42" round, just too large.

I had these casters laying around and because I wanted to do a metallic finish on the table anyway, thought they would add nicely to the 'industrial' feel I was going for.  Not to mention they added 4"…which now would make the table a perfect height.

I removed the original T-nuts that were on the bottom.  Not only were they too small to accommodate my casters, I wanted ones that I could nail in for extra strength.

Using a drill bit that was going to make we work a little to pound the new T-nuts in, I drilled a hole.

Here I am testing the depth of the hole I am making. I made sure I only drilled down as far as I had to for my casters to screw in securely.

After hammering in the T-nuts, I added nails.  These nails here small so I did a little pre-drill for each.

Ready for casters!

These casters can lock so that the table will not move unless you want it to.

Here it is…all pretty and for SALE!  It is 42" round and 30" tall.  Sits 4 chairs very comfortably but can squeeze in more if you'd like. 

This is one of my many metallic finishes with a few clear coat of lacquer sprayed overtop for durability.

Asking $325

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