Sunday, January 12, 2014


I really love this type of makeover….turning something that you might not be able to use (because of a big fat hole in the middle) into something that is not only functional, but super cool!

This piece has so many things I like all wrapped up in one piece…2 tone look, dipped legs, high gloss lacquer and original hardware.

 The hardware is great, so kept them 'as is'.  I cleaned them but no deep scrubbing or chemicals.  I have ruined a few pieces in the past with too much cleaning, stripping off the beautiful patina.  Learned my lesson!

I had Vos Glass cut me a 1/4" piece of glass to size with a nice pencil edge. If you are in the GR area, I highly recommend them. Nice people, super fast and great pricing.

I simply sprayed the back with super white high gloss Rustoleum and just because I like to go the extra step, did a clear coat for protection.

It takes many coats to cover well. I wanted to make sure all grease and fingerprints were removed for a great finish so cleaned glass with denatured alcohol.


  1. I love this! The white with the wood is perfect! The hardware is perfect! IT IS PERFECT! :)

  2. I must say very creative job have done with that sewing table. I really like the makeover job done so far and color of that table looks awesome as well. Perfect job mate... Keep it up.