Friday, April 5, 2013


Although grainy oak kitchen cabinets are not my idea of fun, I really enjoy seeing the transformation and helping my customers update their outdated kitchens.

I love me some good "before" pictures!

Check out the awesome deep grain in these guys!  Just spraying on the primer was NOT going to work. After cleaning, sanding, cleaning again and spraying on my first coat of primer, I discovered deeeeeep down what I knew was going to probably happen. I had to PUSH the primer into the grain, otherwise my topcoat would never fill it in and look good.

There are different ways to do this, I chose to use a combination of sponge brush and roller.  I actually used the roller without the handle,  and pushed it along the wood to push it into the grain, THEN sprayed it again.  Lots of work!

I refinished the doors and drawers.  I also sprayed out the new side panels that my customers purchased and cut to fit.  They did a TON of work themselves by painting the boxes, adding the new panels and tons of nice trim to the entire kitchen which I love because it give it a more high end look.

They choose a light grey for the perimeter of the kitchen called Cathedral Gray by Behr and the island was a darker gray called Antique Tin also by Behr.

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