Saturday, April 27, 2013


My customer recently painted her master bathroom in this fun shade of green (Gecko by BM) and loved it so much she wanted this dresser in the same color.  Paired with my favorite finish for hardware, Rustoleum champaign, and it looks gorgeous!

It certainly did not start off so pretty though.  It not only needed to be refinished but the trim needed some extra attention.

You can kind of see in the "unfinished" picture that the top drawer has about 5" of trim missing.  At first I was going to "bondo" it, as it is a wonderful and very hard filler and I can usually shape it nicely.  I quickly realized that this being the top drawer and almost at eye level, I needed to get it as perfect as possible.

Had the customer wanted this piece distressed, it may not been a big deal to simple bondo it, but when getting a "perfect" modern finish, it wasn't going to fly!

Luckily the nightstand had a piece of trim that was cracked and I needed to repair as well anyway.  I decided to take that broken piece, which happened to be almost as long as the dressers missing piece and swap it out.

I did have to make a clean cut on the dressers broken trim piece first.

 New piece glued and pin nailed in place….

I then filled in the tiny gap and it looked like new!

So, now that I "stole" the trim from the nightstand, I needed to fix that.  I decided to use a chunk of dowel that was very close to the same diameter as the rounded trim.

SUPER close up picture of the dowel:)

Dowel is cut, glued and clamped in place! After is was "set", I filled and sanded.  This worked perfectly as well.

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