Monday, March 25, 2013


I love being able to tweak a piece a little bit and make it work for a customer.  For example, I had these 2 pieces that my customers wanted for their bathroom.  Not to be used as a vanity, although we are still looking for the perfect piece, but because they have two dormers in their bathroom which were serving as wasted and they wanted to add these in there for extra storage. Brilliant!

These 2 pieces were exactly what they were looking for in style, storage and length but neither were tall enough for the space they wanted to fill.

For this guy, we added feet using a similar technique as below with the 4 x 4" blocks.  I did a (semi) tutorial about adding feet a few weeks ago, but that was MY method and although it very sturdy and worked great, Marc has since taken over the feet adding business and has a more efficient way of building it.  I guess we are both control freaks when it comes to certain types of projects:)

I promise to do a better and more detailed tutorial on adding feet in the near future as I have a feeling I will be getting more requests for it.

On the piece that already had legs but was still too short, were were in luck.  This guy had the feet attached to the base. Seen here again....

After taking off the back to be able to get at it better, Marc cut about 4" blocks.  Basically whatever length you cut, you will just need to make sure that all 4 legs bases are exactly the same dimension and  that the trim board or "skirting" will cover it completely. There are different widths of trim board. We used pre primed baseboard that happened be leftover from our bedroom/bathroom remodels.

He screwed the 4 x 4" feet base in from bottom and inside.

Then added a piece of wood in the front as framework for extra support for the trim board to attach to.

ready to get sanded!

Love how this turned out!  Looks like it was made like this.  Happy customer :)

This guy turned out great too.  Love what adding feet can do to change the entire look and the added height is great in some situations.


  1. hi there, thanks for feet adding post! I just picked up an old 50's bedroom set on CL with a funky veneer and want to add feet and paint it SW Deep Sea, so I googled the color to see if anyone posted a photo of furniture in that color. And here you are! So happy I found your blog. I LOVE the knobs and pulls on these. Where did you get them??

  2. Hi Connie, hope you find this customer found the hardware at this website, It was the "galleria" collection and maybe under mid century style. They are very cool and great prices too! Good luck!