Sunday, April 14, 2013


I did do a post a few months back about drilling holes for new hardware.  Although it is good information, this technique I have been using lately, is a bit nicer because it allows you to safely mark on the drawer with no problems so you can measure, remeasure and double check your measurements:)

Trust me…you will want to do some double checking as filling in holes and redoing a dresser drawer is no fun.

We will take this dresser for example.  Even scarier to drill holes in a stained piece!  Although a pain, at least you can easily repair a painted drawer.  Stained wood, not as simple.  Repairing that is another post!

This particular dresser did not have or need hardware because if has a built in pull from bottom of drawer but the customer wanted hardware, so the customer got hardware!

Start by putting a strip of tape on the drawer where the hardware will be going.  Might have to move it a bit but not hard to get it in the general location.

NOTE***you may want to use blue painters tape if it is freshly painted as masking tape can pull off paint of a new paint job.

Find and mark your center point.

NOTE***If you have a knob, measure from the top and your done!

Measure your hardware (center of whole to center of hole).  My hardware was 6-1/4" on center. I found the center measurement on my ruler, which was 3-1/8", put it at my center mark on the dresser Make your marks for the holes at 0" and 6-1/4" (or whatever yours would be).

NOTE***I switch from a tape measure to a ruler at this point because I feel more accurate with it and it's easier to work with than a tape measure for me.

NOTE***At this point you do NOT have the measurement from the top, but hopefully an idea of the center. So make your mark large enough for the next measurement.

Next you need the measurement from top.  I usually center my hardware from top to bottom but you can do it where you want.

Make and remember your measurement from top.  Now do that EXACT same measurement on the other hole make.

NOTE***NOT all drawers are the same width.  Do NOT use the same measurement on each drawer unless you are sure that it will work.

Now after you have remeasured the center, the holes and the spread of the hardware. Drill!

The tape not only allows you to make marking but it also helps with any chipping or markings made by the drill.

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