Saturday, December 21, 2013


Although I didn't at first, I now really love my vintage 60's original light fixtures that came with this house. I'm really glad that everything I liked, when looking at replacing these 3 matching fixtures, was a LOT of money!  A LOT of money x 3 is a TON of money!  So, I decided to keep these.

So I thought I would "update" the fixtures by spraying them satin nickel.  It wasn't necessarily a HUGE mistake because the brass was not the prettiest shade of brass anyway, but still, I never liked the satin nickel because it really did nothing for the funky shade of black, gray and deep purple mixed together that the glass is.

Finally, after about 2 years of wanting to change them to gold, I made the time to do it.  I can NOT believe, that since I have become so busy with my refinishing business, the lack of time or really desire I have had to do my own home projects. I am getting a little DIY bug though and have a lot of great plans for upcoming projects.

I love this shade of gold, which is Rustoleum Pure Gold.  It is a very pretty, soft shade of gold.  Not too brassy, not too orange, but just right. 

I really love this fixture and glad I didn't swap them out with new ones.  The beaded glass has such a pretty reflection on the ceiling at night. 

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