Friday, December 20, 2013


I never knew how much I, or my entire family loved swivel rockers until I brought home this hideous chair I grabbed from an estate sale for $5 (along with a few other "beauties") because I had sold all of my living room furniture and needed someplace to sit for Thanksgiving.  That was 2 years ago:)

The chair that everyone thought was "gross" quickly became a "dibs" chair that we fought over because of it's comfy, swivel, rocking ability.

I am not sure if my inability to purchase new pieces for my living room is because I love vintage pieces or because I am scared to death that whatever I buy, I will get sick of and not like 2 years from now.  It's easier to swap out a $40 chair or $200 sofa.

Whenever I come home with a new piece my husband is like "PLEASE, just go buy some nice NEW pieces".  Sorry honey, I can't just yet:)

While sitting in my ugly, yet comfy swivel, looking lovingly over at my new pink chair thinking to myself,  'if only you rocked and swiveled, I would love you even more'.  Then an awesome idea came to mind, which usually happens when I have had a glass or two of wine... why not take the rocker swivel component off this chair and attach to the other. So, I flipped over both chairs and realized, it could probably be done!

She did NOT want to come apart!


Fortunately, I didn't even need to cut the boards.  They fit PERFECTLY on this chair.

I now have a rocker swivel!!  I may have to remove the legs but they seem to not be in the way. I will test it out for a few days before I remove them.

I promise these photos make the chair look waaay more ELECTRIC pink! I swear it's not as crazy bright as the pictures look…but close:)

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